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  • 100% online service

  • Immediate 24/7 appointment

  • Our agency agreement emailed to you upon appointment, along with a PDF letter confirming that you have appointed us.

HOW IT WORKS (in 3 easy steps)

Sign up with our all-in-one form:

  1. Complete our online application

  2. Pay to complete appointment

  3. Instant Letter of Appointment

Agent for Service of Process
Our Service

If your company transacts in or through Singapore, but does not have a physical address in Singapore, you can appoint Process Agent SG to act as your agent.

We provide an independent and reliable service by formally receiving notices and documents at our office on your behalf. We will then notify you that we have received these notices and documents, and forward them to you in accordance with our agreement.


We provide these services in relation to:

Court Proceedings

Arbitration Proceedings

Contractual Notifications

Why choose us as your Agent for service of process:

Immediate appointment

We are one of the few process agents to offer immediate, online appointment 24/7.

Upon appointing us, you will be provided with our electronically generated contract and with our letter confirming appointment. This enables you to provide immediate written confirmation to your counterparty.

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Prompt Notice

We provide you with prompt notice of any letters or documents that we receive on your behalf.

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Your information is handled with discretion & confidentiality.

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Professional & cost effective

We offer a professional service at a reasonable price

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You can trust in the breadth and depth of our experience. 

Our affiliated law firm, Watiga Legal LLC, offers local & foreign qualified lawyers who can be separately retained to assist if needed.

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Our rigorous internal processes ensure compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and professional obligations.

Laws and regulations


Our fees depend on:

(i) the number of years that you would like us to act as your agent for service; and

(ii) the number of transaction documents we will include in our services.

Number of Years
1 - 3 Document(s)
4 - 6 Documents
7 - 10 Documents
1 Year
S$ 600
S$ 800
S$ 1000
2 Years
S$ 800
S$ 1000
S$ 1200
3 Years
S$ 1000
S$ 1200
S$ 1400
4 Years
S$ 1200
S$ 1400
S$ 1600
5 Years
S$ 1400
S$ 1600
S$ 1800
6 Years
S$ 1600
S$ 1800
S$ 2000
7 Years
S$ 1800
S$ 2000
S$ 2200
8 Years
S$ 2000
S$ 2200
S$ 2400

Additional fees

We would be happy to coordinate the following additional services as required, please contact us directly to discuss how we may help with:

(i) Additional letters confirming our appointment. One letter of confirmation is generated automatically upon completion of our agreement with you, additional letters of confirmation, addressed to alternative addressees, are available upon request.

(ii) Assistance with any claim or dispute you may become involved in under your Transaction Documents or proceedings, or advice in any other legal context. In this situation, we would refer you to our affiliates at Watiga Legal LLC (

Each additional confirmation letter
S$ 140
Advice or services beyond the Services (as defined in our application form) will be charged at our hourly rates as applicable to such attendances from time to time, together with any reasonable expenses incurred.
S$ Bespoke
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